"While I agree that bail reform in New Jersey was necessary, the changes that were made undermine the only proven pretrial supervision - commercial bail.  Now the burden falls on the taxpayers to pay for it and law enforcement to police it."

Edward G. Appel, Esq.

NJ Criminal Lawyer for over 30 years

What Do The Experts Say?

“I think first and foremost, there is no motive like a profit motive and when a member in the bail bond industry posts a bond for somebody, they have an obligation to make sure that person shows up in court or they lose money. And so they have that responsibility if someone does not show up for their court date, they’re obligated to go and bring them in. Under pretrial release if they don’t show up for a court date, we just give the information to the cops and that becomes the responsibility of the government. I would suggest to you that with a bail bondsman if they post the bond, they are responsible for making sure that person shows up for every court date and for a lot of the data that you see on pretrial release, if you show up for ten court dates and you miss the 11th one, they rule you as being 91 percent in attendance. As a bail bondsman, you are 100 percent out of compliance if you miss one court date.”

Representative Chris Dorworth


Who sponsors this page?  

This page was developed by a licensed and insured New Jersey commercial bail bondsman, and in collaboration with other licensed commercial bail agents.  We are not a national lobbyist...we are not a major commercial insurer...we are not politicians...we ARE, however, your neighbors.  We pay our taxes, take our kids to school, coach our little leagues, and are raising families...just like you. 

We quietly and confidentially take calls from frantic families in need all hours of the day and night.  We help our clients with attorneys. We help our clients navigate the bail system and jails.  We take on millions of liability to the state on behalf of our clients (at a fraction of the liability itself).  We aid in the struggles of addiction by helping clients with rehabilitation facilities.  We monitor our clients while out on bail and involve their families and friends in the process.  We are an advocate for the criminally charged at a time when few are.

We protect the public safety by swiftly and safely returning a defendant into custody when he or she fails to appear in court as required.  We do this at NO COST to the taxpayers and under strict guidelines by the state.  We know our clients.  We know their families.  We have monetary consequences for the FULL amount of the bail.  We are under constant scrutiny by those with little knowledge of how the system is designed.  We deal with the dark cloud that seems to hang over our 8th Amendment, all while performing our job admirably and professionally.  That is our cross to bear.

What do we have to gain?

Bail agents and surety's nationwide are rallying in response to the push by supporters of pretrial services that are attacking their industry.  

We are a proud group...and justifiably so.  For over a century, commercial bail bondsman have been helping individuals and families across the country in securing their loved ones release. As well, we have been serving the criminal judicial system and our courts by monitoring those charged with crimes, making sure those individuals appear at all court appearances, and returning them to court if they fail to appear.  

Additionally, when those few individuals that are not apprehended and returned in to custody...we pay.  We pay BIG.  You see, we have a vested interest.  A financial interest that can be crippling if judgement on a bond is sought by the court.  We are careful and calculated. We get family involved. We get friends involved.  We are in partnership with our defendants entire support system until the final disposition of his/her case.

Yes, we also earn a living.  We earn a living not on the backs of the taxpayers but rather through a fair system designed to create full accountability, guarantee defendants appear as required, and allow for those accused to secure their opportunity to defend themselves.  We do not judge them...we defend them by defending their right to bail.  We do not analyze them metrically through a rather "un"complex algorithm.  We talk to their family.  We talk to their friends.

Ultimately, we are an advocate for the accused, the court, and our community.  

The Elephant in the Room

  • Family comes first. 
  • Integrity matters.
  • Justice should prevail. 
  • Service above self. 
  • Honesty is a given. 
  • Humility is a gift. 
  • Bipartisanship is a must. 

Learn The Truth About Bail Reform In New Jersey

Find out why the recently passed New Jersey Bail Reform Act is making us less safe...at the Taxpayers expense